The Ship Is Sinking

The Ship Is Sinking
Poems by Matt Galletta
54 pages
Epic Rites Press, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-926860-40-4

The Ship Is Sinking is a stellar example of why Epic Rites Press exists. Here is poetry as it was meant to be experienced. No bullshit. No pretense. Just blood, guts, and bone.”
— Wolfgang Carstens, Factory Reject

The Ship is Sinking is a lovely book, complete with sincerity, continuity, and fun.”
— R L Raymond, Half Myths and Quarter Legends

“Read it through in one sitting. All new poems to me. Not a bad one in the bunch. Not even a tiny misstep. Sure-footed all the way. And every poem is pared to perfection. And I ain’t sayin’ that just for alliteration purposes. It’s true.”
— Paul Agostino, Headlock Press (full review here)

The Ship is Sinking is a highly readable first collection which scoots the thin rim between joy and a looming darkness […] an impressive complexity of tone and mood. These poems will take you by surprise.”
— George Anderson, Bold Monkey (full review here)

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If you’d like a free preview of what’s in there, a few of the poems have appeared online:

In the Garage
The Hunted
These are the miracles