The Ship Is Sinking

The Ship Is Sinking
Poems by Matt Galletta
54 pages
Epic Rites Press, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-926860-40-4

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This collection is available now from Epic Rites Press. It offers 32 poems, 19 of which have never been published anywhere before. It also features insanely fantastic cover art by Julie Michelle Sparenberg.

Here is what some folks have had to say about the book:

The Ship Is Sinking is a stellar example of why Epic Rites Press exists. Here is poetry as it was meant to be experienced. No bullshit. No pretense. Just blood, guts, and bone.”
— Wolfgang Carstens, Factory Reject

The Ship is Sinking is a lovely book, complete with sincerity, continuity, and fun.”
— R L Raymond, Half Myths and Quarter Legends

“Read it through in one sitting. All new poems to me. Not a bad one in the bunch. Not even a tiny misstep. Sure-footed all the way. And every poem is pared to perfection. And I ain’t sayin’ that just for alliteration purposes. It’s true.”
— Paul Agostino, Headlock Press (full review here)

The Ship is Sinking is a highly readable first collection which scoots the thin rim between joy and a looming darkness […] an impressive complexity of tone and mood. These poems will take you by surprise.”
— George Anderson, Bold Monkey (full review here)

Reviews are showing up on LibraryThing and Goodreads as well.

If you’d like a free preview of what’s in there, a few of the poems have appeared online:

In the Garage
The Hunted
These are the miracles