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Lummox 8

Rumor has it I have a poem in the newest anthology from Lummox Press.

I haven’t seen the new issue yet, but the full list of contributors looks fantastic.

Order your own copy of Lummox 8 here.

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Diaries up the river

Thanks to the folks who made it to the Up the River launch reading last week. It was a relatively good time. I sold a book.

UTR‘s issue 7 is now up online, and I have a short piece called “Dear Diary” in it. Check out the whole issue while you’re there.

Print copies of #7 are forthcoming, I’m told. I’ll keep you posted.

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Reading(s) at 2019 Word Fest

It’s April, so it’s time for the Albany Word Fest. This year, it’s an 8-day event, with readings, open mics, slams, and even a book sale at a farmer’s market.

The seventh issue of Up the River, the annual lit mag from Albany Poets, is being released during Word Fest. I have something in the newest issue, and there’s going to be a launch party on Wednesday, April 19, 2019. I’ll be reading there, along with some of the other contributors to the issue. Come listen and pick up a copy of #7. The details:

Up the River, Issue Seven Launch

Wednesday, April 17, at 7 p.m.

Restaurant Navona
289 New Scotland Avenue
Albany NY

Facebook event page:

I’ll also be stopping by the Readings Against the End of the World open mic on Friday, April 12. Probably reading a bit around 9 p.m.

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Rufous Salon Returns

Almost a decade ago, I had a few poems published with this journal based in Sweden called Rufous Salon. They did an online thing, and they also published a handful of print anthologies.

The editors, Jenny Enochsson and Ande Enochsson, just recently brought Rufous Salon back to life. They were nice enough to invite me to share some work. So I did.

You can read a new poem, “Evidence,” on the site as of today. Take a look, and scroll around to read some of the other interesting work from contributors around the world.

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New poem at Rusty Truck

Hey, folks. It’s been…a while. But here’s a new poem, up today at Rusty Truck: “They say.”

I’ve had stuff on Rusty Truck in the past you might want to check out.

And take a few minutes to read the rest of the poems posted today too. Mather Schneider’s always a favorite of mine, as is Kevin Ridgeway. Stay tuned for information on a project Kevin and I have in the works, by the way.

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Don’t let the black dog kill you

Hi, Internet. Long time no talk.

I have some new poems in Misfit Magazine you might want to check out.

Black Dog” and “Let it kill you” are included in issue #23, which also includes great work from folks like Kevin Ridgeway, Brenton Booth, and Claire Scott, among others. You should give the whole issue a look, really. Good stuff.

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Poem and a podcast

Pretty sure I’m gonna use this as my “author photo” from now on.

Not sure why this one slipped by me, but I had a new poem up at Your One Phone Call in the middle of April. It’s called “Knockout.”

In other news, I also recently sat in on the first episode of the new “Talking to Poets” podcast put out by Albany Poets. I don’t say much, but if you listen carefully,  you can hear me making fun of Mary Panza at one point or another.



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I’ll meet you at the cemetry gates

Another poem went up at In Between Hangovers today. This one’s called “Make a Wish.”

In case you missed it, I had a really short one up a couple weeks ago at the same place. That one was called “Lisa Says.”

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Fourteen words (sixteen with title)

Here’s a very short new poem that just went up at In Between Hangovers. It’s called “Lisa Says” (yet another in the occasional series “poems I titled after Velvet Underground songs”). I’m expecting another one up at IBH in a couple weeks, so check back soon for more.

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Quickie poem for Valentine’s Day

Hi, folks. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’ve got a new poem up at Red Fez, just in time for Valentine’s Day: a quick one called “Getting Lucky.”

Make sure to take a look at the other excellent work in the current issue. You can also see all the previous work I’ve had published with Red Fez.

And check back here soon. I have more stuff coming out in the next few months.