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Mixed bag at Headlock Press

A couple pieces I wrote went up at Headlock Press this week.

You can take a look at a story/prose poem thing I wrote around five million years ago. I had originally called it “Detective Story” but then a (now-defunct) online mag published it with the new title of “A Metaphor.” Fast-forward a few years, I show it to Paul Agostino, editor at HP, and he rechristens it “Creating Conflict.” I’m eager to see who renames it next.

That one’s followed by “Must be nice,” a poem from a while back.

The whole thing starts off with an excerpt from an email I sent to Paul recently. It includes my response to his new book, Appalachian Calculations. I see now how what I wrote reads almost like a book review, and you can take it as such. The book is non-fiction, a collection of short essays and anecdotes about Paul’s travels through small-town mountain country in North Carolina. Spoiler alert: It’s a good book, and worth the fifteen bucks it’ll cost you to get a copy.

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Ranting sisters and ebola

A new installment of my advice column over at Paper Tape Magazine, If You Ask Me, just went live today. This time we’re talking about ranting sisters and the ebola virus. Fun stuff.

Check it out, and as always, send me questions and I’ll write up some sort of response! You can email or use the anonymous form at the bottom of the post. Do it!

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Advice column!

I’ve mentioned the online magazine Paper Tape a few times now. You might remember the story “Still Warm From Satan” published there last year, or maybe “Flooding” that just showed up this summer. Well, here’s something completely different…

A while back, Paper Tape‘s founding editor/all-around-genius Kristy Harding asked me if I’d like to contribute anything on a regular basis to the site. I said I’d love to. After batting around a few ideas, we settled on, of all things, an advice column. I will be giving other people advice. Clearly, Kristy has never met me in person.

You can read my very first column here. With any luck, what I wrote doesn’t ruin this person’s life! Fingers crossed!

In general, the column’s focus will most likely be relationship advice, but that may change as time goes on. Check it out, and please, send questions to so that I have something to write about for next time.