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Dealing with the devil


A new story of mine went up today at Paper Tape Magazine. It’s part of a “myth” themed issue, and my piece is called “Still Warm From Satan.” It’s not quite Robert Johnson’s “Crossroads,” but it’ll do. Give it a try.

And Paper Tape is a cool new zine you should check out. It’s on tumblr (or “the tumblr” if you prefer), if that makes any difference. This is only the third issue, but I like what editor Kristy Harding is doing with it.

Anyway, hail Satan!

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That beer book

I talked about it last month, but now that I’ve actually gotten hold of a copy and read through it, I wanted to mention A Six Pack of Stories again (and post a picture of Audrey with it, of course).

It’s an anthology of stories, all related to beer in one way or another. It’s a great read. I was actually surprised by the variety: You’ve got some literary, some mystery, some horror, some sci-fi — a brewery on a goddamn spaceship, people! Awesome. All solid work, though I was partial to the pieces from Libby Weber, Ken Weaver, and Charles Stanley.

And then, of course, there’s my story, “Superglue & Coors Light,” which features cheap beer and underage drinking! Your two favorite things! It also features a character named Sam Brennis I’m hoping you’ll hear more about in the future.

So go buy it if you haven’t already. It’s available for twelve bucks, which you could break down to 50 cents a story. Cheaper than any beer I’ve had in a long time.

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A Six Pack of Stories

A short story of mine called “Superglue & Coors Light” is included in the recently released A Six Pack of Stories: Short Stories To Be Read With a Beer in Hand, an anthology of beer-centric fiction.

I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy yet, but this looks to be fantastic. Twenty-four short stories, all of them somehow relating to beer in one way or another. Here’s the official description:

Beer is enjoyed for many reasons, from the good times we have drinking it, to its taste, to the innovative artwork that decorates it. Beer is not merely a combination of water, malt, yeast, and hops; it’s the fruit of the the human mind, where science, art, and industry meet. As such, it is a great incubator for stories. A Six Pack of Stories is your easy-to-carry container of creative literature that tells the tales of the world’s finest beverage. Here you will find humor, horror, historical fiction, and everything in between. The one thing they have in common: they all tell the story of beer and the things we do with it and because of it. All you have to do is open the book, open a beer, and enjoy.

It’s available now on Amazon and Createspace. You can buy the normal print edition or, if you’re a fancypants like my wife, you can get it on your Kindle. And of course, with the Giftmas season upon us, I am required by law to say this: It should make for a great gift for the beer-swilling reader in your life. Maybe even yourself.

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Story at Fiction365

A new short story of mine went up today at Fiction365.

The story, called “A Brief Survey,” offers yet another good reason to get rid of your landline phone.

Fiction365 is pretty cool. The site posts “a new short story every day – providing exceptional authors with exposure and avid readers with first-rate fiction.” With a new story each day, odds are there’s a bunch that you will like. Hey, maybe even mine.

So go check it out!

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Ice cold beer at Headlock Press

A new short story of mine went up this weekend at Headlock Press. This one’s called “Ice Cold Beer.” Check it out.

Sorry if the heading to this post made you think there would be actual beer being served somewhere. Please check your own refrigerator for that. Or mine. I’ve got a homebrewed milk stout on tap, come over and try it.

For now, though, go grab a cold one of your own and read “Ice Cold Beer.”

Aside from beer, it also involves baseball. And, you know, people and relationships and stuff like that. But hey, beer and baseball!

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New book from Rufous Press

Lush, the newest title from Rufous Press, has been released, and it’s a great read!

The book offers poetry, prose, and prose-poetry from a variety of writers, with works all connected by a “lush” theme. It includes some great pieces from people like Kevin Ridgeway and Tobi Cogswell, names I’ll be looking for in other publications from now on.

I’m in there with a short story called “If a Piano Falls in the Forest.” I like it. You might like it too.

This is the third release from Rufous Press, publisher of the recent Over Yonder (which I had a poem in). You might want to pick up a copy of that as well. While you’re at it, consider Juniperus Flamenco, an excellent book of poetry written by Jenny Enochsson and Ande Enochsson, the two writers running the show at Rufous Press.

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Composite Arts Magazine

A short fiction piece of mine came out today in an online arts magazine called Composite.

I like Composite. It’s very eclectic, usually offering art, photography, poetry, fiction, and more, all related to a central theme.

The theme for this issue is “You Are Here.” My piece is called “Made in Malaysia” and you can find it on page 22 (hey, my lucky number!)

In an odd coincidence, at least for me, the other story featured in this issue is by fantastic writer Zarina Zabrisky, whose work I was introduced to just last night. Cool!

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The Legendary

Hello there.

As promised, I’ve got a new story for you to read. This one’s published at a site called The Legendary.

Lots of cool stories and poems there for you to check out but, of course, you’ll want to start with my piece.

It’s called “A Story About VD and Hemingway.” It’s a story about, ahem, VD and Hemingway. Mostly.

Papa Hem would be proud. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, it might be worth a quick read.

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Mr. Coffee

I’ve got another piece up on Headlock Press, as Paul Agostino continues to dig deep in the archives of my writing. This time it’s a short story called “Mr. Coffee” I wrote a few years ago.

I’m still a little on the fence about this one, but the narrator really is something special. Paul compared him to “Gimpel the Fool,” though I’ve never read that story, so I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing or not.

Anyway, take a look if you’ve got a few minutes. And check back here soon, as I’m slated to have a new story published in the next week or so somewhere, and later this summer I’ve got a few poems forthcoming as well. Busy times at Casa de Matt.

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Thank you, Southbury

Thank you to everyone who came to the reading last night. And of course, big thanks to Thomas Hahn for inviting me. I had a fun time, and hopefully didn’t bore anybody to death.

I think everything went pretty well. I even unloaded a few of my old chapbooks, which was cool. Speaking of which, I should probably apologize to the guy who asked me to sign a book for his girlfriend (who wasn’t there at the time), and I wrote “We’ve never met but I love you already. Wait for me.” In retrospect, that might not be funny.

Anyway, here’s a neat activity you can play at home. Try to figure out which one of us, in the picture below, is heavily medicated.