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Advice column!

I’ve mentioned the online magazine Paper Tape a few times now. You might remember the story “Still Warm From Satan” published there last year, or maybe “Flooding” that just showed up this summer. Well, here’s something completely different…

A while back, Paper Tape‘s founding editor/all-around-genius Kristy Harding asked me if I’d like to contribute anything on a regular basis to the site. I said I’d love to. After batting around a few ideas, we settled on, of all things, an advice column. I will be giving other people advice. Clearly, Kristy has never met me in person.

You can read my very first column here. With any luck, what I wrote doesn’t ruin this person’s life! Fingers crossed!

In general, the column’s focus will most likely be relationship advice, but that may change as time goes on. Check it out, and please, send questions to so that I have something to write about for next time.