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First Time anthology

You can find a very short story of mine in a recently released anthology called First Time, published by the Unknown Press. As the back cover tells it, “Four dozen writers explain the intimate details of how they lost their virginity in this stunning, funny, and shocking collection.”

A lot of good writing in this one, from folks like Frank Reardon and Allie Marini Batts and two of my favorite Canadians, Wolf Carstens and RL Raymond. I was also happy to see a poem in there from fellow Albany writer R.M. Engelhardt.

Overall, as you’d imagine, this is pretty NSFW (in the parlance of our times). My piece is one of the least graphic ones in there, I’ll say that.

Pick up a copy and blush a little.

[On a side note, while getting Audrey to pose with this book, she asked what it was about. “Um…bunnies, sweetie. It’s about bunnies.”]