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Up the River preview

Back in April, I mentioned that I had 2 poems forthcoming in Up the River, a new print journal put out by Albany Poets. They were holding a release party/reading for the inaugural issue, and I invited you all to come heckle me as I read my stuff.

Well, the reading happened, but the release didn’t, as the editors experienced unexpected publishing delays. They still are, in fact, and the issue has yet to be printed. However, to apologize for the delay, they just released a sneak peek of the issue online, showcasing a bunch of the writers in the mag. I’m one of them.

So if you’d like, you can read the two pieces I have in Up the River for free, on the Interwebs, right now. Still not sure when the physical mag is coming out, but I’ll let you know when it happens.

This also has the distinction of being the second journal this month to misspell “Galletta.” All those double letters are hard on the typing fingers, I know. Believe me, I know. I could tell you stories.