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Straight Forward Poetry Anthology

sf-anthologyJust a quick note to say that the lit journal Straight Forward Poetry has released a 2012 Anthology, compiling its first three issues. You should buy it.

As I’m sure you remember (right? right?), I had a poem called “Cut the Cord” in the inaugural issue last March. I like that poem, and I like Straight Forward. They’ve managed to put out three solid issues of “clear and honest” poetry — as in, stuff you’d actually enjoy reading. If you missed them, here’s your chance to catch up.

The anthology‘s available via something called LitRagger, which honestly I haven’t had a chance to figure out. But I do know the issue’s available for $3.99, which is pretty damn cheap. I mean, I spent more on blueberries for Audrey this week alone. Seriously. The kid eats a lot of berries.