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The Lummox has landed

A few months ago, I told you I had some writing forthcoming in the new Lummox Journal. Well, it’s finally out in the world now, and it’s a beast! Over 200 pages of poetry, essays, interviews, and art.

My copy arrived just yesterday. While I’ve only made a dent in it so far (again, over 200 pages here, folks), I can assure you it’s worth your time. Somebody called it a “who’s who of underground poetry,” and that’s no joke.

My poem in there is called “A Dull Ache” and you can find it on page 170.

You’ve got a couple options on how to order it, by the way. You can get it straight from the Lummox Press, or you can grab it on Amazon. Either way, you’re going to want this one. I mean, look at that picture. Doesn’t Audrey looks like a happy little girl? Don’t you want to be a happy little girl too? C’mon!