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Preorder the Lummox Journal

Lummox Press, a very cool publisher out in California, is resurrecting its long-gone, legendary poetry journal and I’ve got a few poems slated to appear in the first issue.

The new and improved Lummox Journal should be appearing sometime later in the year, but I’m telling you now because they’re running a special discounted presale on the magazine. If you order it now, you can save yourself five bucks. And five bucks is five bucks, right?

Of course, you’re going to need something to read while waiting for the journal to come out. Maybe you should support the small press and order one of the titles from the Lummox catalog. Everything I’ve gotten from them has been excellent, but you might start with Henry Denander’s The Accidental Navigator or Laurie Soriano’s Catalina — two recent releases that I loved. Just a thought.