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Composite Arts Magazine

A short fiction piece of mine came out today in an online arts magazine called Composite.

I like Composite. It’s very eclectic, usually offering art, photography, poetry, fiction, and more, all related to a central theme.

The theme for this issue is “You Are Here.” My piece is called “Made in Malaysia” and you can find it on page 22 (hey, my lucky number!)

In an odd coincidence, at least for me, the other story featured in this issue is by fantastic writer Zarina Zabrisky, whose work I was introduced to just last night. Cool!

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I’m stoked you are into the magazine and this issue. I am really grateful we were able to publish your piece. Thanks for helping spread the word. Next time you’re in the bay, or I’m in ALbany, you’ll have to allow me to take you for a beer to show our appreciation.

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