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Red Fez Redux

Two poems of mine just went up today on Red Fez, one of my favorite lit sites.

The poems are “In the Garage” and “Paradise Pub.”  Yes, the title of the first one is a Weezer reference, and yes, the second one is about my beloved South Troy neighborhood.

Stop wishing you had a sweet fez like Audrey and go read both poems!


Speaking of the Fez: These pieces come about a year after my poem “Stockholm Syndrome” appeared there. I recently discovered that it’s one of the most popular poems on the site, based on page visits (1142 hits as of this writing). I think that’s pretty cool, and I think it means you should read it again too.

3 replies on “Red Fez Redux”

Loved “Paradise Pub” for 2 reasons: 1.) I have a kid, and I’ve lived in dangerous neighborhoods, and 2.) you have some great lines in there. Especially the part about the guy painting the sidewalk with hemoglobin.

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