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Surprise, you’re published!

Funny story: We went with some friends the other night to a cafe a few blocks from our apartment. While ordering, I saw they had a new issue of Capital Region Poets for sale by the register.

As none of you probably remember, I had a poem called “Sunday Morning” in the previous issue of that magazine back in February. Imagine my surprise when I open up to the table of contents to this new issue, and there’s my name. Again.

Now, I haven’t sent them anything new. I had sent them two poems way back when, and they printed one of them. I assumed the other one — a really short, slight piece — was a reject. I guess I was wrong.

In any event, I’ve got a very short piece (seriously, it’s like ten words) on the last page of the new issue of Capital Region Poets. The magazine website looks to be down (curiouser and curiouser), but there were two more copies at the Flavour Cafe in Troy when I left. They’re probably elsewhere too.


Not a local yokel? Then, at the risk of beating a dead horse, might I suggest buying the PigeonBike print issue? Seriously, I’m really liking that one. You can even read a short review of it here.