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The Love of a Sleeper

sleeper-smI don’t normally do book recommendations or things like that (hey, this blog is supposed to be all about me, right? Me!), but I’ll pause the self-indulgence for a minute and tell you to buy a copy of The Love of a Sleeper by Adam Penna.

It’s a poetry chapbook published by Finishing Line Press, and is available from them on amazon as well as their own site.

The poems in the collection are mostly quiet and introspective, but moving (more so, at least to me, than a lot of what I’ve been reading lately). One of my favorites right now is “On Finding My Hair in the Drain,” with lines like “I didn’t think of death right away either. / Rather, I thought of riding buses / and being anonymous everywhere I went.” I could go on, but you should check it out for yourself.

In the interest of full disclosure: I’ve known Penna for years now. He’s a great guy. He runs Best Poem, a blog-style lit journal that seeks to publish, “not necessarily every day, a poet’s best poem.” Way back, almost a year ago, I had a poem published there.