You Won’t Believe What Helen Keller And The 52-Hz Whale Do In This Video

whaleGonna try doing misleading Buzzfeed-style headlines like the above from now on. Enjoy that.

Anyway, I have a short story titled “Helen Keller in Reverse” in The Lonely Whale Memoir: An Anthology, which just came out from Chatsworth Press. My story is not about whales. Most of the book isn’t about whales. Instead, here’s what the jacket copy says:

Since 1989, the world has been following the heartbreaking journey of the Lonely Whale. For reasons unknown, he or she cannot speak the same language as other whales. Referred to by some as the 52-Hz Whale—because of its unique frequency of whale song—the Lonely Whale has been tracked roaming the oceans alone, listening in vain for a song that will never be returned.

The Lonely Whale Memoir gives voice to the unheard song within all of us, capturing themes and feelings sparked by the actual Lonely Whale. Through compelling stories and passionate poetry we will swim past the isolation that normally separates us and, for a moment, truly connect.

I just finished reading my copy of the book last night, and I highly recommend it. A lot of great stories and poems in there; among them, there’s one called “Neighborhood Watch” by a Courtney Bird that’s worth the price of admission alone, I think.

Looks like you can purchase a copy from Amazon, or straight from the publisher. Get your whale on.

Punk chapbooks

dreamsThis past summer, I mentioned something about the Punk Chapbook Subscription series being released by Epic Rites Press/Tree Killer Ink. The set of 14 no-frills, no-bullshit chapbooks has started arriving on doorsteps around the world–did you get yours?

My entry in the series is a creepy short fiction piece called The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of. It involves car accidents, transcription services, and The Maltese Falcon. As most stories do.

I’ve been tearing through my set of the chapbooks, and it’s a great collection. In particular, I thought Lawrence Gladeview’s Praying for a Spare and Janne Karlsson’s Street Life were fantastic, as were two other short fiction pieces, RD Armstrong’s Magic Fingers and Zarina Zabrisky’s The Beast Generation.

The full set of chapbooks is selling for $40 plus shipping, and is worth every penny. If your allowance won’t cover that, though, I’m offering a few copies of just my title here.

Punk Chapbook Series

dreamsA short story of mine is coming at you soon from Epic Rites Press: I’m included in the upcoming Punk Chapbook Series, a collection of short works by fourteen authors, available only by subscription.

I think this is going to be a great series. These are going to be black-and-white, old-school chapbooks offering, as editor Wolfgang Carstens put it, “No bells and fucking whistles.”

For your subscription money, you get a chapbook each from favorites of mine like Lawrence Gladeview, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Rob Plath…actually, you should just go check the page to see the whole list of writers. They’re all excellent. Plus, each chapbook features cover art by the talented/demented Janne Karlsson. See the cover for mine to the right.

My entry in the series is a single short story called “The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of” that’s a bit…different.

You can read more about the series and subscribe at the Epic Rites/Tree Killer Ink site. I might add, ahem, that Epic Rites is the same publisher that will soon be putting out that poetry collection of mine I might have mentioned a few too many times already. Why not order both?

Paper Tape Magazine

papertapelogoA story of mine went up a couple days ago at Paper Tape Magazine. This one is called “Flooding,” and it features high school kids, excessive hand washing, and the phrase “corpse-water.” What more could you ask for?

This is actually the second time I’ve mentioned Paper Tape here. Just about a year ago, editor Kristy Harding was kind enough to run “Still Warm from Satan,” a short fiction piece which, if nothing else, has one of my favorite titles I’ve come up with to date. What’s more, I may manage to get in PT again sometime soon, if I ever get my act together and send Kristy what I promised I’d send her. We shall see. For now, let’s just read this one.

Almost there

ship-cover-detailA quick update on the poetry book: We’re in the proofing stage. There were some hiccups with the printer in regard to the cover, but it looks like things are figured out now. I’m awaiting one final proof copy, which I expect will come out just right. At that point, we’ll be all set to go to press.

All of this is just to say: If you’re going to order the book, do so now to save a buck while it’s still a preorder at the discounted price ($9 versus $10 once it goes to print). I don’t know how soon after the proof is approved that Epic Rites actually prints the books, but they tend to move fast.

PS: I should have a very limited number of copies available straight from me that I could sign for you, draw obscene pictures in, etc. More details on this here.

Get your wallet ready

shipMy new collection of poems, The Ship is Sinking, is coming out soon from Epic Rites Press. It’s now officially available for preorder.

So…you should buy it. Maybe a couple copies. One for each room of your house. It’s only nine bucks right now–you can save a dollar by ordering before it’s released, which should be sometime this summer.

Some details: 54 pages. 32 poems, 19 or 20 that have never appeared anywhere, ain’t-never-been-seen-before.

And sweet baby Jesus, look at that cover! That’s the work of Julie Michelle Sparenberg, and I can’t thank her enough. We all judge books by their covers, so I’m glad as hell Wolfgang Carstens of Epic Rites got her to do this one!

More information coming soon. But grab your copy now!

Still up the river

utrWay back last summer, I posted something about Up the River, the new magazine put out by Albany Poets. At the time, the physical magazine hadn’t been published yet, but you could read my two pieces online.

Since then, the print magazine came out. It’s been a while, but I only recently got my hands on a copy. You can order yours here or here, or, if you’re local, just try getting it at one of the many open mics running in the area.

“Matt,” you might say. “Nearly the entire contents of this magazine are available on the internets, for free. Including both of your poems. Why would I spend my money on a print copy?”

Well, for one, it’s prettier in person. There’s a lot of art and photography in the print copy that never made it online. And reading things on paper is nicer than on a computer screen, I’d say. On the other hand, I should have a book of poems coming out later this year, so maybe you should save your ten bucks. I guess you’ll have to decide for yourself.

“Matt,” you might also say. “Is this post just an excuse to put up another picture of your daughter holding some magazine?”

Well, yes. Yes it is.