You know her life was saved by rock and roll

I walk away from the internet for a little while, and would you look what happens? Headlock Press goes ahead and puts up a couple more poems of mine, and I neglect to mention them here. So here goes:

Earlier last week, there was a poem based on my short-lived stint in education. It’s called, ahem, “Shut the Fuck Up.”

Then a few days ago, a poem called “Loaded” went up. An ode of sorts to the Velvet Underground, and the album Loaded specifically. I actually sent that one into Headlock the night before Lou Reed died, oddly enough.

Go check ’em out!

Balloons and more


Stuff of mine continues to show up at Headlock Press. Today, we’ve got a poem called “Helium.” It involves baby showers and novelty helium balloons, and features some snarky comments from the editor.

Go take a look.

PS: Picture accompanying this post isn’t really related to the poem, but she’s a cute kid and this is my blog, damnit, I’ll do what I want.

Up the River preview

Back in April, I mentioned that I had 2 poems forthcoming in Up the River, a new print journal put out by Albany Poets. They were holding a release party/reading for the inaugural issue, and I invited you all to come heckle me as I read my stuff.

Well, the reading happened, but the release didn’t, as the editors experienced unexpected publishing delays. They still are, in fact, and the issue has yet to be printed. However, to apologize for the delay, they just released a sneak peek of the issue online, showcasing a bunch of the writers in the mag. I’m one of them.

So if you’d like, you can read the two pieces I have in Up the River for free, on the Interwebs, right now. Still not sure when the physical mag is coming out, but I’ll let you know when it happens.

This also has the distinction of being the second journal this month to misspell “Galletta.” All those double letters are hard on the typing fingers, I know. Believe me, I know. I could tell you stories.

Poem in Thunder Sandwich

A new poem of mine went live sometime this week at Thunder Sandwich. It’s called “Delays on 87, Thinking of Whitman” and you can find it in the Summer/Fall 2013 issue, #29.

Thunder Sandwich is a pretty well-known journal that’s been running off and on since the ’80s. I’ve been running off and on since the ’80s as well, so I guess it’s a good match.

They spelled my last name wrong, but I’m still happy to be in there amongst a bunch of great writers. Go check it out.

[EDIT – 7/9/13 – Sorry, that link isn’t working currently. The whole issue seems to have disappeared. Somebody ate the Thunder Sandwich. When/if it shows up again, I’ll update this post.]

New poem in Punchnel’s

A new poem of mine called “Full-Stop” just went up today in Punchnel’s. It’s a quick, quiet, kinda sad one. You should read it.

And if you haven’t seen Punchnel’s before, you should definitely check it out. It’s a pretty hip web magazine, continually updating with new poetry, fiction, essays, what-have-you. Fun stuff, and their slogan seems to be “Contemplating suicide or a graduate degree,” which I think is pretty fantastic.

Up The River launch party & reading

I have two poems slated to appear in Up The River, the new journal put out by some of the folks involved with Albany Poets, and they’re having a release party to celebrate the inaugural issue. Come out, listen to me and some of the other writers from the issue read our stuff, and pick up a copy of the mag. Should be a good time. Here are the details:

Up The River Launch Party
Sunday, April 14, 2013 at 6 PM
McGeary’s (4 Clinton Square, Albany, NY)

More info available here. This event also marks the start of the annual Albany Word Fest, a week-long extravaganza of poetry/spoken-word/what-have-you. You can read all about that here. And, if you’ve got a few extra dollars you’d like to see put to good use, consider donating to Albany Poets’ Indiegogo campaign to help fund all the craziness of this year’s Word Fest.

Carnival Volume 3

carnival3A poem of mine was published this week in the new issue of Carnival, a great online lit mag.

You can read the issue (Volume 3) in your web browser or download a pdf version, but either way you’re looking at 119 pages of excellent poems and stories. You can find my “Patient Zero” on page 31.

Good stuff. Did I mention it’s free?

Straight Forward Poetry Anthology

sf-anthologyJust a quick note to say that the lit journal Straight Forward Poetry has released a 2012 Anthology, compiling its first three issues. You should buy it.

As I’m sure you remember (right? right?), I had a poem called “Cut the Cord” in the inaugural issue last March. I like that poem, and I like Straight Forward. They’ve managed to put out three solid issues of “clear and honest” poetry — as in, stuff you’d actually enjoy reading. If you missed them, here’s your chance to catch up.

The anthology‘s available via something called LitRagger, which honestly I haven’t had a chance to figure out. But I do know the issue’s available for $3.99, which is pretty damn cheap. I mean, I spent more on blueberries for Audrey this week alone. Seriously. The kid eats a lot of berries.